Lunch / Early Evening Menu

12:00pm – 2:30pm & 5:30pm – 6:45pm

2 Courses: £12.95 | 3 Courses: £15.95


Soup of the day served with fino bread /ciabatta (GF)

Breaded Whitebait

With Garlic Dip

‘Fino’ Classic Tomato Bruschetta (DF) (GF)

Mozzarella bon bon’s

Served with a tomato dip




With a choice of Italian Bread or House Fries

Pollo Milanese

Breaded chicken on a bed of
spaghetti pomodoro or fries


(add any topping for £2)

Penne Pomodoro or Arrabiata (DF) (GF)

Penne pasta with tomato and basil or tomato
and chilli

“Macari Family Recipe” Lasagne

With Garlic Ciabatta

Spaghetti Carbonara (GF)

Bacon, egg, cream and Parmesan.

Risotto ai Funghi (V) (GF)

Mixed mushrooms with Parmesan cheese and truffle oil (add chicken £2.00)

Bistecca (£5.00 supp) (GF)

Sirloin steak with mushroom or peppercorn sauce. Served with chips

Tagliata (£5.00 supp) (GF) (DF)

Sirloin steak with a salad of rocket cherry tomatoes and parmesan and balsamic


(There will be an additional charge for any side orders)

French Fries with Truffle Mayo – £3.50 / add Parmesan – £4.50

Sautéed potatoes (DF) (GF)£4.25

Tomato, Olive Oil and Red Onion Salad (DF) (GF) £4.00

Garlic Ciabatta (DF)£3.50 / with Mozzarella – £4.50

Rocket, Chilli and Fennel Salad (DF) (GF)£3.00

Mediterranean Vegetables (DF) (GF)£3.50

Spinach (DF) (GF)£3.00

Creamed Dolcelatte Spinach (GF)£4.00


Selection of Gelato served with an Orange and Polenta Biscuit (GF)

2 Scoops

‘Fino’ Tiramisu

Macari’s family recipe

‘Fino’ Sticks

Served with a Chocolate Caramel Dip served with Gelato

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