Fino Bread (DF)


‘Fino’ Marinated Olives (DF) (GF)





‘Fino’ Classic tomato (V) (DF) (GF)


Garlic Mushroom (V) (DF) (GF)


Ndjua, Roasted Pepper, Buffalo Mozzarella & Pesto (GF)


To Share

Antipasto (GF)

Three Traditional Cured Italian Meats, Marinated and Chargrilled Vegetables, Buffalo Mozzarella, Capers, and White Anchovies with Breads


Vegetable Antipasto (GF)

Marinated, Chargrilled and Cured Vegetables, Buffalo Mozzarella, Capers, Nuts with Olive Paste and Breads


Fritto Misto (DF)

Crispy Fish Platter, to include Prawns, Squid and Whitebait. Served with a Marinara Dip



Foccacia Bianca (V) (DF)

Pizza Style Bread with Olive Oil, Sea Salt,
Garlic and Rosemary (Add Mozzarella £1.50)


Foccacia Rossa (DF)

Pizza Style Bread with Tomato, Olive Oil and Garlic


Insalata Caprese (V) (GF)

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Mozzarella Bon Bon’s, Fresh
Basil and White Balsamic Gel


Prosciutto e Melone (DF) (GF)

Parma Ham and Aperol Marinated Melon


Cocktail di Gamberi (GF)

Prawns, Shredded Leaves, Crevettes in an Avocado Mayonnaise with Crispy Pancetta


Zuppa del Giorno (GF)

Soup of the Day, Served with Fino bread


Calamari (DF)

Crispy Squid, Salami and a Rocket Salad with a Garlic Dip


Gamberi (DF) (GF)

King Prawns pan-fried in Chilli, Garlic and Olive Oil



Spigola (DF) (GF)

Seared Fillets of Seabass, Sautéed Potatoes, Leeks, Fennel and Crispy Fried Courgette, White Wine and Shallot Cream


Bistecca (GF)

Fillet Steak with Balsamic Tomatoes and Fries served with your choice of Mushroom or
Black Peppercorn Sauce


Tagliata (DF) (GF)

Sirloin Steak sliced on a Rocket and Parmesan Salad, Cherry Tomatoes and Aged Balsamic


Pollo Milanese

Pan-Fried Chicken Breast in Parmesan Breadcrums. Served with your choice of Spaghetti Pomodoro or Fries


Pollo ai Funghi (GF)

Chicken breast, Shallots, Mixed Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce, served with Sautéed Potatoes or Fries


Maiale Saltimbocca (GF)

Pan-fried Pork Tenderloin with Sage, Parma Ham, Marsala and Butter served with Sautéed
Potatoes or Fries


Maiale Cacciatore (GF) (DF)

Sautéed Pork Tenderloin with Onions, Peppers, Black Olives, Tomato Sauce
and Oregano, served with Sautéed Potatoes or Fries


Polpette di Patate (V)

Spinach, Walnut and Goats Cheese Potato Cakes with Roasted Beetroot and Balsamic Tomato Sauce, Rocket Salad


Fino Pasta / Risotto

Penne Pomodoro (V) (DF) (GF)

Fresh basil and tomato sauce (add Italian sausage £2.00)


Penne Arrabiata (V) (DF) (GF)

Chilli and tomato sauce (add Italian sausage £2.00)


Penne Radicchio (DF) (GF)

Sautéed in a Garlic and Fresh Tomato Sauce with Prawns and Tiger Prawns


Spaghetti alla Bolognese (DF) (GF)

Tomato and meat sauce


Spaghetti alla Carbonara (GF)

Bacon, egg, cream and parmesan


Spaghetti Frutta di Mare (GF) (DF)

Mixed seafood in an Italian white wine, garlic, chilli and parsley


Lasagne al Forno

Pasta layers with meat and tomato sauce topped with a bechamel sauce


Fettucine ai Funghi

Creamy mixed mushrooms with parmesan cheese & truffle oil


Fettucine Portofino

Tossed with mushroom, sun-dried tomato & chicken in a tomato cream sauce


Risotto Frutti Di Mare (DF) (GF)

Seafood Risotto with mixed seafood


Risotto ai Funghi (DF) (GF)

Mixed mushrooms with parmesan cheese and truffle oil (add chicken £2.00)


Risotto Pesce Affumicato (DF) (GF)

Smoked haddock, leeks and a parmesan crisp


Fino Pizzas

Margherita (V)

Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes and Olive Oil



Tomato Sauce, Spicy Salami and Basil (please ask to add chillies if you like it hot)


Pizza Parma

Prosciutto, White sauce, Parmesan and Rucola


‘Fino’ Pizza of the Day

Please ask in Restuarant for Pizza of the Day

Pizza ai Funghi e Prosciutto Cotto

Mushroom and italian cooked ham


Pizza Frutti di Mare

Mixed Seafood, Prawns, Tomato Sauce, Garlic, Parsley and Chilli



French Fries with Truffle Mayo – £3.50 / add Parmesan – £4.50

Sautéed potatoes (DF) (GF)£4.25

Tomato, Olive Oil and Red Onion Salad (DF) (GF) £4.00

Garlic Ciabatta (DF)£3.50 / with Mozzarella – £4.50

Rocket, Chilli and Fennel Salad (DF) (GF)£3.00

Mediterranean Vegetables (DF) (GF)£3.50

Spinach (DF) (GF)£3.00

Creamed Dolcelatte Spinach (GF)£4.00


Panna Cotta (GF)


Chocolate and Hazelnut Semifreddo (GF)

With Hazelnut Praline and Porcini Chocolate Shavings


‘Fino’ Sticks

Served with a Chocolate Caramel Dip served with Gelato


Selection of Gelato served with an Orange and Polenta Biscuit (GF)

2 Scoops


3 Scoops


Affogato (GF)

Gelato drowned in hot espresso (ask to add an Amaretto shot if you wish)


Italian cheese selection (GF)

Three cheeses served with dried fruits, bread and honey



Hot Drinks

Americano – £2.65

Cappuccino – £2.65

Latte – £2.65

Hot Chocolate – £2.65

All Tea’s – £2.65

– – –

Single Espresso – £2.20

Double Espresso – £2.45

– – –

Liquer Coffee – £4.25