Fino - Restaurant and Bar

Sunday and Bank Holiday Menu


‘Fino’ Marinated Olives

With artichoke and sweet peppers


Smoked almonds

With Sage Sea Salt


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Antipasto: Three traditional cured Italian meats

With marinated and chargrilled vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, capers and white anchovies and breads


Vegetable Antipasto: Marinated, Chargrilled and Cured Vegetables

With buffalo mozzarella, capers, nuts with olive paste and breads



‘Fino’ Classic tomato

On Bruschetta


‘Fino’ Tomato and mozzarella salad

With Tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, oregano oil, white balsamic gel, mozzarella bonbons, tomato salt and fresh basil


‘Fino’ Prawn cocktail

With Shredded leaves, crevettes and pink shrimps in a brown shrimp and avocado mayonnaise with crispy pancetta


Minestrone with twice cooked lamb belly gremolata

Served with anchovy oil



Brined and roasted pork belly

With sage roasted potatoes, pancetta crisps and steamed greens with roast jus


Roasted oregano marinated beef sirloin

With garlic roasted potatoes, rosemary roasted vegetables and red wine gravy


‘Fino’ Classic pan-fried sea bass, crab arancini

With basil and olive oil emulsion and brown shrimps


Pollo Milanese: Breaded, pan-fried chicken in parmesan cheese

Served with a fried egg, fries and truffle mayonnaise


Baked garlic aubergine glazed

With dolcelatte on a roasted Italian vegetable salad with torn herbs and pine kernel pangrattato


Fino Pizzas


Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and olive oil



Tomato sauce, spicy salami and basil (please ask to add chillies if you like it hot)


Pizza Parma

Prosciutto, white sauce, parmesan and rucola


Ricotta, spinach, roasted squash, artichoke and sage


Fino Pasta / Risotto

Seafood Linguine

Steamed mussels, clams, prawns and squid in Italian white wine cream with chilli and parsley


Penne arrabiata

tomato, chilli and garlic finished with peppery leaves


Roasted squash risotto

With burnt goat cheese and hazelnuts


Creamy porcini mushroom fettuccine

With pecorino and truffle



Baked seasonal stone fruits

In a sweet white wine cream and nut crumble (ask for fruit selection of the day)



With lemon curd, red berries, strawberry sorbet and white chocolate cream


‘Fino’ Tiramisu

Macari’s family recipe


Classic vanilla panna cotta

garnished with salted caramel crisps


Selection of gelato served with an orange and polenta biscuit

2 Scoops


3 Scoops



Gelato drowned in hot espresso (ask to add an Amaretto shot if you wish)



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